Partnership Announcement

SolvIT Networks Belgrade is pleased to announce the partnership with 4ME – leading IT service management solution.

“We are very excited to include the 4me enterprise service management solution in our portfolio. It is fully in line with our mission ‘PROVIDING THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS, THE RIGHT CLIENT, IN THE RIGHT TIME.’ This can only be achieved if you can offer top quality, ease of use, easy integration of multiple partners, and professional support, which is what 4me certainly is all about,” states Nemanja Begenišić, CEO of SolvIT Networks Belgrade. 

With our mission, SolvIT Networks will be responsible for distributing 4ME solutions within Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia and Albania.

4me is the first enterprise service management application specifically built to support the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach.  It allows the internal and external service providers of an enterprise to collaborate while 4me keeps track of the service levels.  4me also offers, by far, the fastest global response times and the most user-friendly interface.

Apart from providing service desk analysts and support specialists a fast and intuitive user interface that minimizes their administrative effort, 4me also offers the following premium benefits:

  • Automatic tracking of all end-to-end SLAs, as well as the services provided by shared services organizations and managed service providers.
  • Seamless and secure collaboration between all support domains within the same organization, as well as with its managed service providers