Application Performance Management

Provides continuous monitoring in production for web application and offers real time customer experience. CA APM helps rapidly identify problems that could appear to the level of every component of the service monitored.
In an era where mobile and digital interactions reign supreme, enterprise organizations must proactively manage the applications that drive their businesses and reputations. Applications are the face of your business and users have a multitude of choices. It only takes a few seconds for a user to either accept or reject your app. The challenge is to make your applications become the ones users stay with because they like the experience. While impeccable performance is the key to a flawless end-user experience, there are challenges to ensuring great performance:

Speed and complexity across the application delivery chain requires performance management that can span across physical to virtual, on-premises to hosted components and support new modern application technologies.
A wealth of data quickly becomes too much data. Billions of metrics a day require new approaches to visualization and intelligent analytics to sift through the metrics and identify the relevant variables.
Mobile access can no longer be considered special and must be fully integrated into the performance picture
Performance must be tested continuously, pre- and post-production to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.
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