CA Spectrum

With so many critical efforts, activities and transactions relying on your network at any given time, it’s not an overstatement to say that the performance of your network is critical to the performance of your organization. IT agility is critical to drive new application and business services success. A new network paradigm has emerged, software defined network/network function virtualization (SDN/NFV), to support a dynamic network. Now more than ever, outages and performance issues can have a direct and significant impact on revenues, productivity, customer satisfaction and more. However, while optimizing network performance is vital, many administrators lack the visibility they need to maintain availability and performance across their increasingly complex and dynamic environments. Further, it continues to grow increasingly difficult to spot and address the root cause of issues. As a result, service levels of the network—and all the business services that rely on it—suffer.

With CA Spectrum, organizations can gain the comprehensive capabilities they need to track and control network availability, performance and service levels. The product enables you to do fault isolation, root cause analysis, service modeling, change and configuration management, and more. Providing megaenterprise scalability and comprehensive coverage of physical virtualized and cloud environments, CA Spectrum represents a single platform that you can use to track all the services that matter to your business.

CA Spectrum offers the visibility and control administrators need to manage and optimize service levels while they reduce the cost and effort associated with network monitoring by enabling advanced scalability and simplified management supporting millions of models managed from a single environment. With this solution, administrators can better understand and mitigate the issues associated with configuration changes and unanticipated events, such as dramatic spikes in traffic. Further, when issues arise, they can more quickly identify and address the root cause.

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