Cisco’s solutions for the internet of everything is driving innovation forward. Being one of the largest global manufacturers of enterprise technology products and services, Cisco provides robust answers to a spectrum of modern-day business challenges.
We partnered with Cisco to provide an end-to-end solutions portfolio to our clients. Being one of the selected Cisco partners in Serbia, Solvit can undertake complex IT projects and display enterprise-grade expertise on all Cisco products.

Cisco’s solutions allow enterprises to network people, systems and applications in a secure, easily manageable environment. Whether you require assistance in connecting one data center, or your network is spread across a wide area, Cisco has all the answers to your requirements.
This includes firewalls, switches, modules, network management software and numerous other applications depending upon the nature and scope of your business challenges.
Modern day business environment only gives you a second to score or lose an opportunity forever. Being ever ready has never been this important. With the help of Cisco’s application networking solutions, you enjoy responsiveness and micro latency, all of which translates into successful business ventures.
Efficiency comes within the entire system when Cisco’s solutions are deployed. Being Cisco partners in Serbia, we have a long history of working on projects that brought down business costs and multiplied profits for several clients after the deployment of technology from Cisco.

The latest solutions let you only run business-critical applications on the most powerful resources, with others being archived based upon intelligent usage insight. With critical applications firing up in a blink and the rest being readily available when needed, you do not only keep progressing, you keep saving too.