Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) provides best-in-class information technologies, services and solutions that deliver compelling customer ROI, unmatched return on assets (ROA) and demonstrable business impact. With a vision that IT must be virtualized, automated, cloud-ready and sustainable, Hitachi Data Systems offers solutions that improve IT costs and agility. Hitachi Data Systems believes that data drives our world – and information is the new currency.

As organizations continue to scale data storage and deploy more applications, the opportunity to expose sensitive information escalates the risk of a security breach. Hitachi Data Systems has a portfolio of storage solutions that employ the data-at-rest encryption feature, which is well-proven for protecting data. When applied systematically, the feature maintains access control policies for data availability and enforces regulatory compliance mandates.

Thales provides centralized key management technology as part of a joint solution utilizing Thales e-Security keyAuthority for native, standards-based integration via KMIP with VSP, HUS 150 and HUS VM storage platforms that are encryption-enabled. As a channel partner, HDS distributes keyAuthority worldwide as part of a complete array encryption solution offering. As a technology partner, HDS qualifies keyAuthority to be off-the-shelf interoperable for fast deployment.vv