CA Security Day 2017


SolvIT Networks and CA Technologies

1st November, hotel Sumadija, Belgrade, Serbia


We are glad that we had opportunity to organize important event Security Day regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Digital Transformation.

Main subjects were:

GDPR – How we can help you

  • Identity Management
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Advanced Authentication
  • Single Sign On

Digital Transformation – API Management


The idea of Solvit Security Day gathering was to explain in details the most important parts of General Data Protection Regulation and its effects on company organizations. GDPR is introducing significant changes related to the protection of data subject rights as well as protection of sensitive information of every data subject.

During our conference, we pinpointed several topics, which are crucial to be highlighted if we are to going to comply with GDPR. Some of the topics were:

  • Can you define locations where you data related to data subject is present
  • What process is using this data and does it complies with GDPR
  • Who has access to this data
  • Can you map all data flows within your organization
  • Have you created a good and achievable plan
  • Do you have the knowledge and technology

Besides the technology expertise and the experience that Solvit Networks possess in GDPR field, our approach is to help you identify all areas of your organizations, which are going to affected with new regulation. As a starting point that can create a path to the creation of a good plan, a detailed gap analysis as well as risk assessment must best performed. A good plan must be realistic, complete, and thorough and its creation is a major milestone, which will guide you through many crucial parts of GDPR preparations.

GDPR pinpoints areas like access rights and identity lifecycle, privileged access to your infrastructure and security systems which governs this access, methods for implementations of strong authentication mechanisms, authentication and authorizations of subjects which are using your web platforms as well as data flows from your backend application environment to your data subjects, external developers, partners or organizations with which you have data transfer.


During our conference, we mapped the topics mentioned above with Solvit expertise and tools. We have presented some very interesting technologies, which can resolve many issues, which GDPR highlights, and we have categorized them into following areas:

  • Identity and governance management
  • Privileged access management
  • Advanced authentication
  • Single Sign On
  • API Managment

Our aim during the event was to show examples of GDPR implementation and we really hope that our event helped you to broadened your knowledge in GDPR filed and changes which are going to be introduced starting on 25th of May 2018.

Feel free and secure to contact us for more details regarding info and implementation.

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