Advanced Authentication

CA Advanced Authentication is a packaged solution that combines two leading authentication solutions:

CA Strong Authentication

CA Strong Authentication is an authentication solution that allows you to deploy and enforce a wide range of strong authentication methods in an efficient and centralized manner. It enables secure online interaction for your end users by delivering multi-factor strong authentication for both internal and cloud-based applications. It includes mobile authentication applications and SDKs as well as several forms of out-of-band authentication.

CA Risk Authentication

CA Risk Authentication offers your organization risk-based authentication that can detect and block fraud in real-time, without any interaction with the user. It integrates with any online application, including websites and VPNs to analyze the risk of online access attempts and transactions. This solution utilizes contextual factors such as Device ID, geo-location, IP address and user behavior profiling to calculate a risk score and recommend the appropriate action.

CA Advanced Authentication

CA Advanced Authentication offers patented “Cryptographic Camouflage” key concealment technology to protect its unique PKI and OTP credentials from brute force and dictionary attacks. These software credentials can be locked to a specific device for additional protection against inappropriate use.
The solution also eliminates the risk of stolen passwords because passwords are never stored, even in encrypted form. This provides greatly increased security over user passwords because they can’t be stolen.

CA Advanced Authentication also provides user behavior profiling so that suspicious user behavior can be identified and corrective actions taken. This capability is easy to administer and improves the security of all user transactions.
CA Advanced Authentication can be deployed as an on-premise, perpetual license offering or a hosted SaaS solution. As a CA Technologies solution, it offers the best integration with CA Single Sign-On, a market-leading, single sign-on (SSO) and web access management solution with shared installation, shared components, and a similar user interface.

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