CA Unified Infrastructure Management

In the emerging application economy, a business’ fortunes will be tied to the quality, innovation and availability of its applications. To survive and thrive in an application economy, businesses need to develop and deploy software with increasing precision and speed while ensuring business services are optimized and remain continuously available to business users and end customers. To achieve these objectives, IT organizations need effective, comprehensive monitoring capabilities, so they can proactively manage performance and, when issues arise, address them fast. However, for too many IT teams today, disjointed, complex tools are being used that deliver limited, piecemeal visibility. The result is that staff can only operate reactively, spending countless hours on conference calls and in triage meetings trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it, while the user’s experience suffers. Further, the manual effort and complexity of managing multiple, complex tools means application development and maintenance efforts are delayed.

Now you can leverage an advanced yet intuitive monitoring solution that provides the visibility your team needs to more effectively ensure optimal service levels and support faster application development and deployment. CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) provides a single, unified solution for monitoring and managing your most critical IT services across your virtual, physical, cloud and big data environments. With the solution, IT teams can proactively manage the performance and availability of applications and the specific infrastructure elements upon which they rely. As a result, IT teams can more effectively preempt problems and, when issues do arise, address them faster.

CA UIM equips enterprise IT organizations and service providers with capabilities for dramatically improving service quality and reducing the costs of IT service delivery. The solution helps you optimize operational efficiency, eliminating the complexity, cost and hassle of having to use and integrate multiple, disparate point monitoring tools. With the solution’s unified visibility, your organization can more proactively optimize service levels by preempting issues and minimizing outage duration. Further, by streamlining monitoring administration, CA UIM helps teams better respond to expanding and evolving demands, support more agile development approaches and get new applications to market faster.

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