End point threat protection

Today’s cyber-attacks are unparalleled in sophistication and frequency, and the potential attack surface for organizations is only growing. Trusted endpoints no longer reside just within the organization’s four secure walls. As workforces grow more mobile, they are increasingly used off-premises on untrusted networks and then brought back into the trusted environment. Endpoints – now more than ever – remain the most vulnerable attack vector, and today’s threat actors are more tenacious than ever before.
Now, it’s generally not a matter of “if” you’ll be compromised, but rather “when”, and the “when” more often than not includes threats that are personalized, complex, and never-seen-before in the wild. Complicating matters further, security solutions that traditionally rely on signatures or rules, such as antivirus software on endpoints, are simply unprepared for these new, more adaptable unknown threats. When the organization is inevitably compromised, security teams and incident responders quickly discover that they’re…

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Unable to get real, deep visibility into all critical endpoint activity surrounding the compromise
Facing challenges in actually detecting those hidden, never-seen-before, and targeted threats

Confronted with thousands of alerts from traditional security solutions that complicate the quick detection, accurate analysis, and efficient response to the REAL threats to their organization.

The biggest question facing security teams worldwide is “How do we effectively defend against something that’s never been seen before?”
RSA NetWitness Endpoint answers that question. RSA NetWitness Endpoint is an endpoint detection and response tool that continuously monitors endpoints to provide deep visibility into and powerful analysis of all behavior and processes on an organization’s endpoints. RSA NetWitness Endpoint doesn’t require signatures or rules. Instead, leveraging unique endpoint behavioral monitoring and advanced machine learning, RSA NetWitness Endpoint dives deeper into your endpoints to better analyze and identify zero-day, new, and hidden threats that other endpoint security solutions miss entirely. As a result, incident responders and security teams gain unparalleled endpoint visibility allowing them to more quickly detect threats they couldn’t see before, drastically reduce threat dwell time, and focus their response more effectively to protect their organizations.
RSA NetWitness Endpoint is a core component of the RSA NetWitness Suite, offering seamless integration with RSA NetWitness Logs and Packets and RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager, which helps SOC and IR teams gain insight into the full scope of an attack across both network and endpoint and receive actionable intelligence that streamlines threat analysis and response.

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