IT assessment

SolvIT IT assessment examines IT environment and will give clear outcomes and opportunities to raise the level of operations, giving you the knowledge and solutions you need to create a proper remediation plan and move forward with improvement of your IT environment.

IT solutions must evolve during time, often resulting in a very complex environment. It is difficult the perform software updates and many configurations are probably outdated. IT Security is also one of the components which level of performance and level of awareness is not on proper level. IT environment design may have missed industry best practices, and process are not accurate nor documented.

Therefore it is beneficial to periodically assess the environment and compare it to your current business needs and current technologies. Our IT assessment will examine your complete environment and provide you with clear ideas how to improve operations, giving you the proper knowledge.

SolvIT assessment may include a full review of your IT asset lifecycle. This can help your organization plan and budget for future improvements. It can also provide significant source of cost saving since it will reduce the amount of time your IT department spends operating in reactive mode.

Our IT assessment is comprised of:
We will deploy the tools for each technology in order to perform data collection and analysis. Our experts can also perform on-site survey as well as manual data collection where other methods are not possible.
Our experts will review and analyse your existing environment against industry best practices. We will propose improvements and upgrades where necessary after carefully consideration in compliance with your policies and business, in order to impact your business in positive way. Afterward we will produce various summary reports which can be presented to different stakeholders and teams.
We will assist you when you communicate the result to your teams. During the presentations we will show prioritized activities and strategic initiatives to your executives with the analysis of options and the budget numbers they need to grow your business.
Upon completion of an assessment, you will receive the following benefit:
Alignment with industry best practices – An understanding of your existing environment against current industry best practices and your own policies.
Action plan – A clear road map to improve your IT environment.
Budgeting plans and forecasts – Clear plan with specific projects and budgets to prepare your business case for future investment.
List of priorities – Activity roadmap focused on most important issues.