ITSM Training

IT Service Management in general are in the letter mostly process and organization oriented. What misses in these approaches, but are important factors in the implementation of any ITSM framework, are the perspectives on the influence of organizational culture and communication as well as the individual’s attitude, motivation, emotional state and behaviour on a successful ITSM implementation. These aspects can be added to ITSM by integrating it into the model used in Integral Psychology. Integral Psychology bases itself on a model that states there are four basic perspectives on any phenomenon in the world. After explaining this theory, the application thereof to ITSM will be developed.

Success in ITSM is all about the right balance of people, process and technology. We offer flexible training plans to ensure your people get the most from our solution.
Every customer has different training needs.
We work in partnership with our customers to plan out a tailored product training program to make sure your ITSM implementation is a success.
For our clients, we have a successful “train the trainer” program that will enable you to roll out training on a large scale within your organization.
Service and support for IT and the service desk
Service Catalog
Workflow design and scheduling
By getting your IT people on the same page and speaking the same language, you’re more likely to gain success from your ITSM journey.
ITSM overview – getting all of your IT staff on the same page
ITIL process best practices
ISO/IEC 20000 – Education is a vital brick in the wall when you’re going for accreditation