Project management consulting

Projects transform organization strategy into real action. Important projects can propel an organization towards great goals. Projects which are not managed properly, can hold an organization in standstill which is reflected in wasted time, money, resources and effort. Proper management of key projects will have direct impact on expected results and company performance.
SolvIT works with companies which size varies from large and complex to small ones. It is vital to provide real-time visibility across different projects and programs, so management can make better decisions based on real and precise information.

Implement standardization across all projects, so that everyone is working consistently and they can manage to achieve higher goals.
Project Management processes will be improved and simplified, so projects are finished within time, budget, and meet customer needs
Implement flexible schedules and leverage technology to allow Project Managers to manage their projects, with tools which are easy and intuitiv
Create reports with metrics and dashboards which will help your executives to present critical information to stakeholders and resolve issues before projects go off track.
Stand up Project Management Offices (PMOs) that show ROI and bring real value to the organization.
Manage to rescue troubled and complex projects which can lead your company into difficult position.

Your needs can vary from small to large, and our Project Management experts will provide their vast experience and knowledge to address a pain point, to meet your needs or vision, improve how projects are measured, help your organization have improved success in the way projects are executed, and ultimately, help you meet your strategic goals.