Single Sign-On

CA Single Sign-On provides an essential foundation for user authentication, SSO and browser- and mobile-based authorization, as well as reporting activities. It enables you to create granular policies that can help control access to critical applications based on a flexible set of static or dynamic criteria, such as user attributes, roles, time, location or data sensitivity. A standards-based identity federation solution, CA Federation enables users of one organization to easily and securely access data and applications of partner organizations. It can be integrated with CA Single Sign-On or deployed as a standalone solution.
CA Single Sign-On delivers unparalleled reliability, availability, scalability and manageability. For over a decade CA Single Sign-On has been a leader in enterprise-class secure Web single sign-on, providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the critical need for centrally managing access to applications and cloud services. Additional differentiators that help organizations address their business challenges include:

- Five separate SSO architectures that can be used independently or mixed and matched to meet various business needs. These include:
Agent-based policy enforcement points
Centralized gateway enforcement points
Support for today’s open standards including SAML, OAuth, OpenID and WS-Federation
Agent-less based approach to securely pass claims to applications without the use of proprietary APIs
REST and SOAP-based Web APIs to allow applications to remotely call CA Single Sign-On as a Web service for authentication or authorization
- SSO across hundreds of applications on a broad range of platforms. CA Single Sign-On offers out-of-the-box support and special purpose agents for Web servers, ERP applications, J2EE platforms, collaboration environments, mobile devices and cloud-based applications
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